Antiques & Collectibles


You are invited to raid your attics and bring along your family heirlooms and household treasures to the Memorial Centre for our
Antiques and Collectibles Valuation Day
Wednesday 28th October – 10.00am to 3.00pm
We are very lucky to have on our panel of experts Hugo Lemon, Barrie Twyman  and Simon Knowles from Amersham Auction Rooms.

We will not be charging an entrance fee, but there will be a small charge of £2.00 per item, with a maximum of 10 items. You will be given a ticket for each item to be valued and a card to give to the valuer. Take a seat, admire the other antiques and wait for a valuer to call you.
Our experts from Amersham Auction Rooms are all general valuers so are able to offer valuations on most items. Where it is impractical to bring the items to us you are welcome to bring photographs and relevant information. The valuers will offer verbal appraisals on your treasures and can advise you on the auction process if you are interested. It will not be possible to offer written valuations at this Event