Running Sisters

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Running has now become one of the most popular sports in the country and every week you’ll see runners out and about, either on their own or in a group, many of whom are female.

It’s an ideal keep-fit activity for women since you can do it where and when you want, it’s inexpensive and it’s excellent aerobic and bone-loading exercise, great for a healthy heart and lungs and for keeping osteoporosis at bay.

Some people enjoy running on their own but many need the incentive and companionship of others to motivate themselves to get out their trainers. This is what Running Sisters is all about. Our ethos is to provide a safe, friendly, sociable environment for women to run together to keep fit.

If you can run at an easy pace for at least half an hour or more on the road, or longer on a treadmill, then you are welcome to join your local Running Sisters group, here in Gerrards Cross.  We meet every Thursday at 7pm at the Memorial Centre, rain or shine, and usually run for between three and four miles.

But if you’ve never run before and want to start, then why not come along one of our annual courses for absolute beginners? They take place once a year in the spring and we promise to get you running three miles within six weeks – and that’s starting from absolute zero. Yes, really!

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