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Gerrards Cross Philosophy Group

Crime, Mental Health and Morality

Wednesdays 2th October – 11th December 2019, 2-4pm

Gerrards Cross Memorial Centre, SL9 7AD


The media raises public awareness about crime and mental health issues, but what exactly is meant by ‘crime’ or ‘mental health’?

At first the answer may seem obvious, after all the definitions can be found in a dictionary. Philosophy probes our understanding of the seemingly obvious and sometimes compels us to modify our concepts. History shows us that what counts as a crime, mental health issue or moral norm in one epoch may not be so in another.

In this ten-week course, we shall explore and evaluate a range of philosophical theories about the relation between crime, mental health, and morality. The aim is to challenge your preconceptions about contemporary social issues and how we ought to respond.

Each meeting consists of a presentation by a speaker followed by open discussion in which all attendees are invited to contribute. Some sessions also include working in small groups.

The course content does not assume any prior knowledge.

10 week course: £70

For further details and booking, contact Alan Wilson Tel: 01753 653907