Editor’s Update July 2022

Hello from a 40-degree heatwave and no I am not in Greece, Spain, or Portugal but in the sunny climes of Buckinghamshire! I last felt this exhausted in 1976 when I was expecting our second child and was on a course at St David’s College at the University of Exeter. No problem I thought I can put up with this as the college has an indoor swimming pool where I can relax after the long days listening to some not so stimulating lectures! But no! My plans were thwarted by the Government who decided on hosepipe bans and any swimming pools were to be closed. How was I going to cope? I had to make alternative plans to find water and where better than the Devon beaches! So, there I was at the end of each day on my way to the beach and came back to work with rather a good tan! Questions were asked as to whether I had actually attended classes, but happily I could provide them with written proof!

So back to 2022 and I am not near a beach but how can I keep cool? I went to the BBC website for tips, and I am going to share some of them with you. Firstly, you must stop those naps which you might have gotten into the habit of taking in the middle of the day as you want to save your sleep for bedtime. I liked the following one which is ‘chill your socks!! Find a pair of clean socks and put them in the fridge to cool. Cooling your feet lowers the overall temperature of your skin and body. If you share a bed, you probably need your partner to be doing the same otherwise there might be complaints about your cold feet!

How about trying the next suggestion for ‘Staying calm?’ If you’re struggling to sleep, get up and do something calming. Try reading, writing (which I am doing right now!) or even folding those socks in readiness for wearing later having cooled them in the fridge.

Importantly resist the temptation to have the company of your switched-on phone or iPad, do not turn them on!!

To put this in perspective most of us can function well after a night or two of disturbed sleep, you may find you are yawning a bit more, but I am sure your boss will understand!

Happy summer and chill out!

From Your Editor