Hearing Link

Hearing Link Services offers a wide range of personalised services for people with any level of hearing loss, and their families, to help them to manage the challenges it can bring. We believe no one with hearing loss should feel alone.

We are part of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and our offices are based in Buckinghamshire and Yorkshire, and offer the following services:-

Helpdesk: We offer personalised responses on most subjects connected with managing hearing loss for individuals, their family members, and professionals. Our volunteer responders all have lived or professional experience of hearing loss, so you will be speaking with someone who truly understands. The Helpdesk is easy to contact via www.hearinglink.org/helpdesk or by calling 01844 348111.

LinkUps: Our support is delivered in person (LinkUp Groups) or on Microsoft Teams (LinkUp Online), over two consecutive days. The aim of our groups is to share experiences to help overcome issues around managing hearing loss. Our volunteers tap into their lived experience to provide practical and emotional support, guidance and connect participants to information and services that can support you. These groups are accessible and we provide IT support and speech-to-text reporting (STTR) communication. Find out more at www.hearinglink.org/linkups

One-to-one sessions: Our 1-1 sessions last up to 45 minutes and cover information on a specific issue (audiology, communication, technology), general hearing management and/or as an introduction to a LinkUp. One-to-one sessions are bookable at www.hearinglink.org/helpdesk

Website: The Hearing Link website is full of useful tips, advice and solutions for managing hearing loss. With approximately 60,000 visitors per month, it is an excellent starting point if you are worried about your hearing, and the perfect resource for answering your questions about hearing loss. Find out more at www.hearinglink.org/your-hearing/