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At GXCA, we specialise in offering elegant event spaces for hosting memorable tributes, including memorial services and celebrations of life. Our facilities are designed not just for aesthetics but for comfort, ensuring that every gathering is dignified, respectful, and conducive to honouring your loved ones.

Understanding the importance of personalisation during these sensitive times, our funeral services are personalised to meet the unique needs of each family. We believe in providing a supportive environment where you can reflect on cherished memories and celebrate the lives of your loved ones in a manner that feels true to their spirit.

Our commitment extends beyond just the provision of space. We focus on creating an atmosphere that fosters warmth and solace. From the initial planning stages to the day of the service, our dedicated team works closely with you to ensure every detail is handled with care and sensitivity. This personalised approach helps in crafting a tribute that not only commemorates but also offers a pivotal moment of closure and healing for families and friends.


Our Event Spaces

Colston Hall: Ideal for accommodating up to 200 guests, Colston Hall combines modern facilities with stunning garden views. This spacious hall offers a serene backdrop perfect for larger funeral services and commemorative events. The elegantly designed space ensures that your memorable tribute is both memorable and meaningful.

Garden Room: For more intimate gatherings, our Garden Room is the perfect choice, with a capacity of up to 70 guests. This cosy space provides direct access to tranquil gardens, making it an ideal setting for smaller memorial services where peacefulness and intimacy are desired.

Why Choose GXCA for Your Funeral Services?

  • Environment: Our event spaces offer a peaceful and soothing atmosphere for funeral services and other commemorative events.

  • Flexible Arrangements: We understand that each tribute is unique. At GXCA, we offer flexible space arrangements to accommodate different event sizes and styles. Whether you are planning a large memorial service or an intimate celebration of life, our spaces can be personalised to meet your needs.

  • Professional Support: Our experienced staff at GXCA are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. Our professional team is experienced in handling funeral services and is sensitive to the emotional needs of our clients.

At GXCA, we are dedicated to providing elegant event spaces for memorable tributes. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensure that your event will be handled with the highest care and respect. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a meaningful and memorable tribute for your loved one.


The Colston Hall at GXCA was the perfect venue for my father's memorial. The garden access made it even more special.”

Emily S.

"We held a small gathering in the Garden Room. The setting was beautiful and peaceful, exactly what we needed."

John D.

Reach out to us at GXCA to discuss the funeral service you envision. Let us assist you in planning every detail, ensuring you can honour the life of your dearly one in a beautiful and serene setting.

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